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The e-schools.info service is designed to process and provide electronical information about student progress as well as information available on the Internet.

On the pages of the service we can find information about the grades and attendance of the classes, comments on the grades, homework, schedule and much more.

The information is provided in the form of:

  • a journal
  • a diary
  • success tables

There are 5 basic types of users of the site: director, administration, teacher, student, parents. Each of them has certain rights and an appropriate level of access to information.


  • exceptional functionality, the ability to individually customize various aspects of the work
  • appearance: all school documents (journal, diary, etc.) look similar to paper prototypes, but with modern improvements
  • highest system speed: thousands of seconds per request

An electronic journal

A journal is created for each class from each subject. It is accessible to subject teachers, curator, director.

For parents and students, the journal is not available.

Through e-journals, teachers can

  • evaluate
  • mark the absentees
  • comment on grades, attendance, lessons (eg, “test work”)
  • write homework

An electronic diary

Based on the data provided by the teachers in the journals, an electronic diary is created for each student.

The diary shows everything the teachers have added to the journal (grades, attendance, comments, etc.), as well as feedback every week.

Parents have access to all their child’s data only, as well as the ability to sign a diary.


For each student, a table of grades for each semester in all subjects is formed. The table also includes attendance, average grade and semester grade for each subject. The scoreboard is available to teachers, parents, and students. This way you can easily track the success of each child.

Other options

Other options include viewing student and teacher lesson schedules, school calls, vacations, personal pages for each user.

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