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Educational approach

Bilingual education

Bilingual education is a two-language teaching of subjects (in Ukrainian and English) that promotes in-depth learning of a foreign language, as well as generates a broader outlook and social mobility of the student.

"Intellect of Ukraine" educational program

“Intellect of Ukraine” educational program engages the student in the learning process through clear and interesting teaching of subjects. The new approach seeks not to accumulate knowledge, but to broaden the student’s skills:

  • forms critical and analytical thinking
  • promotes self-control and adequate self-esteem
  • develops memory, imagination and attention
  • forms determination, persistence and organization

NUS educational program

The NUS educational program uses the integration of different knowledge to deal with real-world situations, making the learning process dynamic and multifunctional. Involving several forms of activity, both mental and practical, in order to solve a problem or a task, the student forms the skills of creativity.

Early vocational guidance of students

Early vocational guidance of students – well-established cooperation with business, training practice in real companies, meetings with specialists in various fields.


Neurobics is a set of exercises, the so-called gymnastics for the brain, aimed at “destroying” habitual patterns of behavior and developing creative thinking. These exercises allow children to better concentrate on learning new knowledge, promote the development of abstract thinking, creative abilities. The systematic performance of exercises improves memory, attention, language, spatial imagination, fine motor skills, reduces fatigue, increases the ability to control freely, lateral (bicuspid) thinking in children.

STEM education

STEM education (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) combines the study of natural sciences and innovative technologies aimed at the development of creativity and critical thinking. The knowledge complex contributes to the formation of skills and abilities, namely:

  • the ability to think logically and mathematically
  • scientific understanding of nature and modern technologies
  • competent use of information technology
  • cultural awareness and self-expression.

TED format

TED format is a public speaking tool that is to disseminate unique ideas through short, well-prepared stories that surprise, inspire and stimulate new knowledge. Through this approach, the student:

  • gains practical skills, technologies, public speaking tools, and openness to communication
  • can present ideas through short, well-prepared speeches
  • increases knowledge through a wide range of topics, from science to business and the global problems of humanity

DT (Design+Technology)

DT (Design+Technology) is a practical aspect of the educational process that promotes the formation of design and technological skills in the child.

Design thinking

Design thinking is a way of thinking that builds faith in the limitless ability of people to innovate and change the world, to invent innovative solutions. Design thinking technology is implemented through all subjects.

Social-emotional learning

Socio-emotional learning is based on the Know principle (understand, focus) -> Can (evaluate, apply, analyze)) -> Do (create). The first place is the development of the student’s creative abilities, motivation to find and create new non-standard ways of solving problems. This approach allows you to solve several problems at once:

  • children will understand themselves, their emotions and needs
  • will receive criticism calmly and constructively
  • will understand the emotions and needs of others, as well as the reasons for their occurrence
  • will interact kindly and effectively with others
  • will perceive new information, absorb any educational material easier and more efficient

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is aimed at putting IT into practice in life. This is not a separate science, but a tool for solving problems in different fields. Computer technology is integrated into all subjects.

Evolution of consciousness

Evolution of consciousness manifests itself in understanding the phenomenon of human dignity and is based on:

  • critical perception of the media culture;
  • sociological research
  • volunteering and charity work
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