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Stages of admission



After filling in the questionnaire, our manager will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a meeting time.

with lyceum



During the meeting you will be able to get comprehensive information about the education and stay of the child in the lyceum, to meet the principal or the curator of the class.

Meeting of a child and parents with a psychologist

To enter the Lyceum, a school psychologist diagnoses the child’s readiness to study at school.

Enrollment as a student is possible after the psychologist gives opinion on the readiness of the child to study, taking into account the recommendation of the psychologist to choose a program of study.

Diagnostic time is not less than 40 minutes. Parents are required during the meeting with a child

Enrollment as a student

The following documents are required for signing the contract:
  • a statement from one parent (provided with the contract);
  • a photocopy of the birth certificate (Ukrainian certificate or notarized Ukrainian translation);
  • a copy of the passport (1, 2 pages and registration page) and the identification code of the parent who signs the contract.


Subsequently, you must provide the following documents:
  • a child’s medical card (form 026/o) from a previous educational institution;
  • a card for preventive vaccinations of the child (form 063/o), which can be obtained at the clinic;
  • a medical report on the results of the mandatory medical examination (form 086-1 +/0);
  • a personal case from a previous place of study.


The cost of education can be found at the link.

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